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            • 082018-01

              The statement

              Dear customersWe received feedback from our customer that they are not able to retrieve record from our website http://rqzqfx.com/ Our company had a system upgrade recently and due to some technical glitch some of the certication record has been erased accidentally. We a...
            • 152016-09

              ISO 9001:2015

              Dear customer, our organization issued certificate of quality in ISO 9001:2015 version in late September 2016, so please pay attention to it.
            • 082016-10

              New certificate notification

              NoticeEach customer service and partners, the agency began in 2016 October, issued in front of the ISO9001:2015/ISO14001: version of the certificate.I hereby inform you that!ISP InternationalOctober 8, 2016