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            Authentication process

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            What does certification mean?

            We define, because it is a fair process, customer management system for our independent and impartial assessment to the company commitment, its assessment of the standards and rules of a reasonable judgment (i.e. through ISO9001:2008, ISO14001 certification)

            You have 10 steps to validate...

            First steps

            Fill in and submit the bid for the world science congress.

            Second steps

            Receive quotations from ISP, if good signs, and return quotations.

            Third steps

            Submission of documentation for the first phase of the audit / documentation review of ISP preparation.

            Fourth steps

            ISP complete the first phase of audits and provide complete reports detailing any non conformities or observations.

            Fifth steps

            Correct non conformity (if any) and submit to world science congress.

            Sixth steps

            According to the application, the audit may be beneficial to the plan. This will be detailed if requested by the quoted price.

            Seventh steps

            The World Congress of science conducts assessments and provides a comprehensive report detailing any non conformities or observations made in order to jointly validate the recommendations.

            Eighth steps

            Any incorrect breeding and provision of evidence in accordance with corrective actions. In case of major non conformities, it may be necessary to make further visits to auditors.

            Ninth steps

            The World Scientific Congress presented a registration certificate valid for three years, and provides information about stationery and sales using appropriate logos / marketing materials.

            Tenth steps

            Scheduled visits are monitored (at least once a year). Details are provided in the offer.